Customer's Projects with Whole logs, Posts, and Rails

Entrance gate 

Thatch roof gazebo

This is a cabin restoration done by Phoenix 1 Restoration and Construction out of Texas.
                Our logs frame the root cellar                              New battens for the roof
The completed restoration

Whole logs are not just for pergolas, railings, and table legs.

Porch railing on a log home

Split log raised garden bed
The following are two different houses that they have used very large posts for their porches.
40 foot, basket weave, round pen with a custom entry gate in Harrah.
Heartland Log Home Services have been working on a complete restoration of a log house and barn between Luther and Guthrie. Here they have used post and rails for the railing of the porch.
Little goat barn Bob and Debbie built for her dad, Christmas '08. This was taken before any chinking was added, or shingles put on it, but the goats were just too cute posing for the camera! (And you can see her dad crawled in there to try to show them their new house.) 


Here is that same barn, all finished. 
This is finished now with gates, this is the East entrance to the mill.
30 foot round pen Bob and Debbie put up for show. If this is something you are interested in, just let us know what size you want. We have ballpark figures on 30', 40', 50', and 60' pens if your interested. For this 30' pen, it took about 6 hours to put up from start to finish. 
This is the porch of a customer's house. We love to get pictures of what folks create with the wood!! 
This barn is another of Bob and Debbie's creations. It is 9'x11' with the same size corral out front. The bit of the second barn to the right of it is not complete yet. 
Now back to a couple interior things. Bob cut the cedar special for this order, leaving some short limbs on it and hand splitting in half for a coat rack.