Customer's Fireplace Mantels

A couple mantels we brought back from Arizona and are for sale. One is Red Juniper and the other is Alligator Juniper with a burl. Call us for size and price.

Our fireplace build finally compete.

This mantel is 14" wide by 6'

Mantel and framing bookshelves.

This customer not only did his mantel, but the paneling and trim in cedar too.

Skip also made a beautiful piece of art to decorate his new mantel.

Steve's new BEEFY mantel. 

New fireplace in a mobile home. Nice addition!
These two are walnut.
This customer not only did the mantel, but he made a lamp too.
These two mantel pieces were split on the mill, the cedar logs framing the rock work were quarter sawn to fit properly.
Live edge cedar mantel and a split log to frame it all in.