Customer's Furniture Projects

This is a wonderful Alligator Juniper coffee table we brought back from a recent trip to Arizona. It is inlaid with local Turquoise.

Durk built this table for Edward Jones Investments. It is white pine made to look like an old barn door, the name is chainsaw carved. Give him a call or text for a quote for one specially made for you! 


We call this the River Table. Durk built this for his parents, but he could do one for you too. Get his contact information on our "Visit our Customer's sites" page.

Two of my new favorite bar stools, they were gifted to us by one of our customers! Thank you so much Bob. He sells these and other rustic pieces. Email our Bob to get in contact with Furniture Bob. 

Furniture by Mike Jones:

Bob Cargill has made several new pieces: 
                                                            6'x46" dinning table

Our wine cabinet made by Jessy & Mike. 

Dining table 45" wide by 108" long, made by Bob Cargill.

Coffee and end tables by Ray Marshall.

The biggest, most unusual coffee table we have ever seen.       
An unusual podiam. 

Another beautiful bathroom vanity

A bench with a little inlay of crushed turquoise and epoxy.

Here is a new vanity top by Ray Marshall.

Here is a beautiful walnut coffee table.

This customer lives in Michigan, the top is our cedar, the base is his local White Cedar. Wow what a wonderful contrast!

Another great dinning table with whole log legs.

This house is still under construction, but they put in a live edge cedar bar top.

Here is a wonderful bar top made from Cottonwood. Never would have guessed it had such a beautiful grain seeing it off the mill. He used a light stain bring out all the character hiding within and sealed it with polyurethane.       

Here is comfy looking outdoor loveseat.

Southwestern style cedar coffee table. The top is bookend.

The same customer from above, also made this TV stand out of pecan.

This is a live edge walnut and cedar bed. Hope they never have to move it, that has to be HEAVY!!

A wonderful, live edge cedar headboard.

Ray Marshall makes these for sale, his contact number is on our "Visit our customer's sites" page.
A table to go with the chairs by Ray Marshall.

A beautiful dresser and cradle. Sorry folks, he does not build furniture for sale, but he does amazing work and wish he would!
Johnny Starkey is one of our newest customers. He makes all sorts of things, here is just a few.
This customer is making a dinning table and can't wait to see the finished project.
One of Bob's brothers made this wonderful show case for Debbie's lamps. With glass shelves there is only need for one blacklight instead of one on each shelf. He did an awesome job! Thank you Bill!
Jerry Morris with Old Rebel Workshop makes custom built furniture. Here is the cedar lining of an oak blanket chest.
An old, wood slat bench gets a cedar revival. 
Debbie's first wood project. This outdoor wicker table would have had a glass top, but since we live in Oklahoma and worried about hail breaking the glass, she made a cedar top to replace it. It is sealed with Rust-Oleum's (water based), Ultimate Spar Varnish. After a year in the sun and weather, it still looks great, but all the purple in it has faded to white.
This headboard (not pictured is the matching foot-board) our customer made with 6x6 timbers ... not sure where he got the iron, but it is really nice.

This may seem a little odd to put this under the "Furniture" page, but it didn't really fit anywhere else. 
This customer builds custom caskets.

This is an item from J & M Country Crafts.

Another J & M Country Crafts creation.
This is one of Bob's creations. This wood was cut for a furniture builder, but the old, hand forged horse shoe that was inbeded in it was not a good thing.