Customer's Crafts and Misc. items

Joe Turman with Turman Game Calls made a new gun stock out of some of our sinker Walnut. This is an 1886 D.S. Cole 40-65.

I wasn't sure where to put this, I don't have a category for beams yet. This customer brought us some reclaimed oak beams to cut down for him.


One cool cedar play set!! This is actually lit with colored flood lights after dark.

The newest addition to our house. Debbie collects 50 ml alcohol bottles and these are the two sided shelves (with risers) Bob built for her to show them off. This cedar is totally untreated so has faded to match the existing wood built in the house.
The front side (one riser per shelf) and the back side (2 risers each shelf)                

This customer makes longbows and uses our cedar for inlays.

This bowl is a great example of how the heartwood of Eastern Red Cedar can actually be purple.  

Cedar electric guitar

Spalted Pecan Knife

White Oak burl knife

Walnut drawing pen

Here is a new customer who makes this art with a scroll saw. He does sell his items, you can find his contact information on the "Visit our customer's sites" page.

One of our hobby crafters inlays his fishing rod handles with cedar.
 This customer is a hobby sign maker and he made these two signs for us                                                   
This is a mini grandfather clock that plays "Westminster Chimes".
These are a couple of bowls Wayne made out of the trim wood.
This is Tom and Wendy Zimmer with their booth at "Affair of the Heart" craft show Feb. 2010. You can find the link to their web site on the "Visit our customer's sites" page.
This is a wonderfully whimsical painted piece by Wendy Zimmer.
This is one of Tom Zimmer's creations. They are both incredibly talented, but what he does with JUST a chainsaw is jaw dropping! He brought us this little guy a couple of weeks ago. He is not carved out of our wood, but that doesn't make him any less special!
Another one of Tom's chainsaw carvings. This is a "wood spirit" and he stands close to 6' tall. All we can say is WOW! This started out as a thick slab off the mill. Tom's art is something that pictures really don't do justice to. These really are, must see in person items.
Our customer Mike Anderson makes these cigar box guitars from our cedar and other materials. This cedar material was cut to 3/16" thick.
This raised garden bed is 4'x8' and 16" deep.